In the summer of 2017, Eric Strickland, CEO of 3LS Incorporated (the parent company of Omni Visions), attended a Crossings Nashville Action Partnership (CNAP) meeting.  He left impressed that CNAP had succeeded in building relationships between businesses and community leaders.  He believes that all companies in our area should have the opportunity to serve our community the same way that CNAP is serving theirs just a few exits down from us.

The mosaic in our logo reflects the diversity of our unique community.  Our area is truly a melting pot of nationalities, languages, and cultures – at home and in our businesses.  We want HAP to be an organization that gives everyone a voice and lends everyone a hand.

The area designated for HAP uses South Perimeter Park Drive as the axis and goes west to the Nolensville Road area, north to Paragon Mills Parkway, east to Ezell Road Park, and then south along Mill Creek to Haywood Lane, then back north along Linbar Drive to Harding Place.